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Editorial review


Sean O'Reilly Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 8.1
GSAK is an application designed to provide complex databases containing Geocaching information stored in GPX and LOG file format. Geocaching is an outdoor activity practiced worldwide, which consists of hiding and seeking containers (geocaches or caches) and which can be found with the help of GPS devices or other navigational techniques.
The purpose of this activity is to find the cache. Once they are found, the geocachers can write the date when they found it, as well as their code name. Some caches may contain small objects such as toys which geocachers can take provided they replace it with another object.
Therefore, the purpose of this application is to provide information about caches around the world. Users will notice that the main window is divided into two screens. The screen located on the upper part will provide detailed information about specific geocaches, such as its code, the waypoint name, its location, the name of the placer and other information that is provided as a list. The second screen will display the geocache selected from the list, displaying a map where users can see its location. There are several map styles that users can view according to their preferences: street map, satellite imagery, open streetmap tiles etc. On the left part of the second screen, users will be able to read detailed information about the respective geocache and all that it contains: the geographical coordinates, the country, the date when it was placed and the name of the one who placed it, as well as tips on how to get to it.
By the way, comments, impressions and further suggestions of geocachers who have found caches can also be read below the map.
Moreover, users can export data in different file formats, as well as filter their geocache search through different searching criteria. They can even create an account on and get access to new geocache databases or update the existing ones.
To sum it up, GSAK is dedicated to geocachers who are active players in the discovery of geocaches. By using this tool, they get instant access to substantial geocache databases which will guide them through new and exciting adventures.


  • Instant access to geocache databases.
  • Advanced filtering options for geocache searching.
  • Access to tips on how to get to geocaches.


  • A nag screen will appear after 21days of its use unless users register the program.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.
trusted DOWNLOAD 23 MB

What's new in version 8.4

8.4.0 11th February, 2014

Enhanced column heading hints (more info)
Number of available macro buttons increased to 40 (more info)
User notes - added picture dialog (more info)
Macros - added check to make sure system read only variables are never written to (more info)
Publish logs - Main screen now re sizable
Publish logs - Main screen position is now "sticky"
Publish logs - added "Clone" button to edit dialog (more info)
Publish logs - User account now displays in the dialog caption (more info)
Publish logs - Macro to run after all logs prevented from running if user aborts the run (more info)
Publish logs - added option to ignore duplicate log warning messages on fetch (more info)
Publish logs - added $_CrLf to field note conversions (more info)
Publish logs - Trackable find name is now a hot link (more info)
Publish logs - added progress summary to log status caption (more info)
Publish logs - Added helper bar to insert BBcode (more info)
Publish logs - Added vertical scroll bar to publish log template (more info)
Publish logs - added tags

What's new in version 8.3

- Fixed a filter/user notes update issue.
- Fixed problem with command UserFlag and negative numbers .
- Fixed a "GPX load dialog is already active" problem.
- Fixed a filter problem (language specific) when using "Between (inclusive)" for difficulty/terrain.
- Fixed a problem when using shortcuts with F1 key.
- Fixed a problem with cache type L&F celebration when using api.
- Fixed a problem with saved custom filters that used "during".
- Publish logs - fixed an issue where returned log is not being updated with coordinates.
- Publish logs - fixed a problem with reapply templates for non English language setting
- Publish logs - Fixed a display issue with trackables.
- Publish logs - Fixed a problem of found template being used instead of attended for event caches.
- Publish logs - fixed a problem with "Reapply templates" when language set to German.
- Publish logs - fixed a problem with trackable count when language is German.
- Publish logs - fix for %count=last update when there is an api error.
- Publish logs - Fixed a problem with Inventory actions when api fails.
- Publish logs - Fixed a problem with tracking number input.
- Publish logs - fixed a problem with "owned" caches.
- Custom fields - fixed an export/load problem.
- Fixed a print/preview problem when "remove images" option is selected.
- Fixed a problem when running a macro and the alt key is used.
- Fixed a problem with quick filter and "replace".
- Get caches - fixed a problem with lite format and trackables.
- Fixed a filter problem with custom field names and diacritic characters.
- Fixed a case issue when saving filters.
- Fixed a proxy server settings issue.
- Calendar start day fix for custom fields in filter dialog.
- ">Get caches" - Fixed a problem after clicking on abort.
- Fixed a macro problem with missing Repeat/Until statements.
- Get GeoCaches - fixed a problem with integer coordinates.
- Fixed a crash when getting api download balance and balance is zero.
- Fix problem with global replace, non string custom fields, and raw sql.
- Fixed a problem where GSAK would start up on the default monitor, rather than the last one used on shutdown.
- Fixed an "out of memory" error when using Garmin POI export on large databases.
- Fixed a problem with GPX load when waypoints have a missing or blank element.
- Fixed an issue with GUI date filter and during.
- GcApi() function now returns data UTF8 decoded.
-Publish logs pictures - fixed a problem with up/down buttons.
- Fixed problem with missing closing bbcode for [center].
- Fixed a problem with unclosed italics in logs.
- Fixed a problem with move/copy and custom fields.
- Fixed a problem loading Explorist GC created GPX files.
- Fixed a problem with notes being cleared after a "lite" refresh.
- Fixed a problem with email link when user has a "&" (ampersand) in name .
- Fixed a problem with "Remove additional waypoints".

What's new in version 8.2

-Localization - languages supported are English,French,German,Danish,Dutch,Norwegian,Czech,and Swedish. Note: The translations have been done by GSAK volunteers and there are no guarantees that the translations are either correct or complete.
-Added support for custom tool bar icons
-Publish logs - added button to fetch coordinates
-Publish logs edit - fetch coordinates now in same format as settings
-Publish logs - Added "Write note" action to publish trackables
-Publish logs images - added ability to change sequence of posted images
-Publish logs - symbol updated to "Geocache Found" for found logs
-Publish logs - Added ability to encrypt logs
-Publish logs - FTF now only updated to true if FTF box is checked (that is, it will never be set to false by publish logs)
-Publish logs - Added "Are you sure" when deleting
-Publish logs - trackables now support multiple actions
-Publish logs edit - Cache name is now a hot link that will open the corresponding Groundspeak cache page in your default browser
-Publish logs - "Before date" week start now synchronized with your settings
-Publish logs - "Ignore logs before" date is now "sticky" with regard to the last log for your last fetch
-Publish logs - silent mode setting now respected
-Publish logs - added extra checking to prevent duplicate log posting
-Publish logs - put in error check for image size upload
-Publish logs - added spell check to field notes
-Publish logs - removed favorite points check box for event caches
-Publish logs - replaced native find dialog with custom search dialog
-Publish logs - added error check for blank logs Publish logs - show number of characters when log or image limit is exceeded
-Publish logs - Cache name displays in bold if log has field notes
-Publish logs - added option to set folder name for archive of field notes
-Publish logs - Added custom "conversions" for field notes
-Publish logs - Added support for utf8 encoded files
-Publish logs - added PublishTrackablesMacro table
-Browser control now returns Current url
-Browser control now generates a variable with the source content
-Waypoint=>Highlight - added support for custom columns
-Added abort button to gcapi() function
-GetPolygon() function - Added support for Custom fields
-GpsInfo() function - quicker detection of disconnected network drives
-Get recent logs - included error trapping for hourly limit
-Macro editor - taskbar caption is now the macro file name
-Force of focus to the api status windows when returning to GSAK from another application
-Database=>Global replace - added support for "raw sql"
-Added all supported container sizes to filter dialog
-Added option to remove api accounts from menu
-Main screen right click menu - added option to add current cache to publish logs
-Added macro function GcBalance
-Added disable screen capture "Easter egg"
-Publish logs - fixed an issue with the Enter key in browser
-Added "CurrentLanguage" to Sysinfo() function
-Database properties now supports custom fields for sorting
-Added warning message when exporting GPX version 1.1
-Added SysInfo("CurrentUser")
-File=>Print cache photos now included

-Refresh caches - fixed problem when refreshing more than limit and limit is a multiple of 300
-GetPolygon() function - Fixed problem when using _ (underscore) )
-Addressed an issue with Get and Refresh caches and load settings
-Added an option to fix a problem with "Disable visual themes"
-Fixed problem with PQ download settings and delete check box
-Fixed a problem with macro command CodeMatch
-Fixed a problem with "Waypoint=>Highlight"
-Fixed a problem with " access=>Download pocket queries"
-Fixed an issue with HTML custom formats and the action OpenTable
-Fixed an issue with using "=" in macro button hints
-Trackables - fixed a problem with "Visit all" action when used on an empty database
-Database=>New - Fixed a problem when coordinate format was set to UTM
-Fixed problem of trying to load gpx files when another dialog is already open
-Get caches - fixed issue with GCXXXX option
-Fixed crash caused by using Waypoint=>Project from an empty database
-Fixed a crash caused by clearing all user flags and having a filter set on user flags and a custom field
-Publish logs - Fixed a problem when using the Euro symbol
-Publish logs - Fixed a crash caused by trying to fetch an unpublished cache
-Fixed a problem with locations
-Fixed problem of child waypoint table in html from "bleeding" into next column
-Fixed log text problem with unclosed strike out font
-GPS=>Send - Fixed a problem with symbols
-Fixed a problem with resync, grab images, and deleted macros
-Global Replace - fixed a problem with the "swap" option.

What's new in version 8.1

Added trackable support
Added ability to upload images
Added FTF support
Added ability to publish only selected logs
Added ability to upload coordinates
Added ability to easily move and clone logs
Added log summary at top of grid
Added spell check to templates
Added ability to save and restore settings (which includes templates)
When fetching logs from file, BOM marks found at the beginning of a line are now automatically removed (more info)
Added "Reapply templates" option (more info)
Added ability to run a macro after each log is published
Added ability to run a macro after all logs are published
Added tag %count=nnn (see templates)
Added tag %count=last (see templates)
Added tags

Publisher's description

GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) is a GPS tool. The first thing you need to do with the program is to get information into your GSAK database. You can do this manually by adding your own waypoints, the program can also get this from Geocaching website. After this, you perform waypoint tracking and other GPS functions. It supports Google maps, mapping format conversion, automatic direction to waypoints, etc.

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